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Community Meeting - October 8, 7:00

30 residents in attendance

Meeting opened with pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence.

There were two birthdays acknowledged.

Comments from residents:

Diann Sumerix - Unit 261: Shared concern over number of gas golf carts in the park. Believes she has seen three. Knows that there are two. Wondering about the third one seeing as how the Prospectus says gas carts are not allowed. Diane was asked to get more information on who has the third cart and to let the office know.

Annette Ferretti - Unit 356 - Asking why trim painted at the pool cabanas not the same as trim on club house and office. Also asking where the camera stands went the birds were using to nest in. Annette also was asking if there is a limit on the number of units an owner can own to rent. Discussion followed on what would be a good number to limit units owned would be. It was explained that to add such a number to the prospectus would take a vote by unit owners. It would also take a Written Consent to Action signed by majority of unit owners to have an addition to the prospectus to be voted on. The number of units owned by one person to rent out was suggested by those at this meeting to be three. Annette also asked about watering after bug spray is done. If it is not our watering day what do we do. Rita Kinner unit 78 stated she had asked the company spraying about watering and they told her it was not necessary to water.

Ralph Tate - Unit 236 - explained a process he was told about to stop the number of "robo" calls.

There were no further comments. Meeting adjourned at 8:00. Coffee and cake was served.

Mary Bohn


Happy September Birthday to Florence Kelly.


Town Meeting

September 11, 2018

7:00 pm

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. Pledge of Allegiance was said followed by a moment of silence. There were 27 residents in attendance. One birthday was celebrated. Happy Birthday Florence Kelly!i

Ralph Tate shared information on stopping robo calls. He also shared spraying garbage cans with bleach will stop animals from getting into garbage cans.

Francine Colson shared her concern over a resident’s son that she has seen wandering the park. He had stopped at her house. It was explained the process we were instructed by our lawyer to follow.

Florence Kelly thanked the board for solving the problem with a renter living next door to her.

Rita Kinner expressed concern over residents that do not power wash their units or take care of the weeds. It was explained that owners are notified of violations and are subject to fines.

The question of new sewer lines and roads came up. Bill Slone explained that the board is working on that project. It was explained that it would not be done this summer, but when it is done it will be done over a period of a few weeks. Residents will be notified when the project is to start.

Annette Ferretti asked if the board had looked into installing solar in the park. Marty Smith explained that they had looked into it and it just would not be cost effective for this type of park.

Paul Sikkema stated that the trees and flowers in the park look wonderful. He would like to know more about the type of trees we have.

Francine Colson asked the question about limiting the amount of units an owner can have. Her concern is that the park will eventually have more rental units occupied than owner occupied units. It was explained that Board members present did not know if this was addressed in the prospectus, but would look into it. Those present were informed that all renters follow the same procedures that prospective buyers go through before purchasing as far as background checks and interviews.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00. Birthday cake and coffee were served.

Mary Bohn, Secretary

Happy August Birthday to Joan & Ken Smykal and Bob Ferretti.



Community Meeting


August 13, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. There were 26 residents in attendance. Pledge of Allegiance was said followed by a moment of silence.

Three birthdays were acknowledged.

Comments from residents:

Florence Kelly - Unit 154 - stated concerns over a sub-leaser renting next to Kelly's. She stated that she and her husband at times do not feel safe because of all the activity that goes on. There are strangers coming and going. One particular car has her concerned. What can we do about it?

Mary Bohn stated that the owner of the unit is responsible for the sub-leasers actions and that the Board is aware that the owner has taken action against the sub-leaser. The Association cannot get further involved at this time. If at any time that the Kelly's feel unsafe they were instructed to call 911 immediately.

Ralph Tate - Unit 236 - has had trouble with his Spectrum service. He was without service for 3 days. He stated that if you have trouble with Spectrum, the number to call is 611.

Dave Wilcox - Unit 080 - stated that there should be a handicap accessible ramp installed at the office by the end of September.

Nancy Cox reminded those present about the Pot Luck dinner, the ice cream social, and the Labor Day pot luck.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 followed by coffee and cake.

Mary Bohn

Board Secretary.



Happy June Birthday to Pat, daughter of Jim & Sue Tuffelmire, Mary Ellen Arnold and Mary Bohn!